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Pilot Travel Center

5 Reviews
39 Victory Lane
Vienna, GA 31092


Parking 100
Weigh Scale 2
Diesel Lanes 7
Truck Wash
RV Dump
Showers 5


November 14, 2012

by Laura Willis

Ridiculously Poor Customer Service......I recently stopped in there for a shower and I had to buy a few things. ...but had no cash on me...So I Transferred monies from my Comdata to Comchek to try to beat ATM fees (some locations if under $50 no charge to cash) and had 3 items to purchase. I hand her the check first for her to cash..and I see she starts to ring the items...(I'm thinking she was going to do it all together) and after deducting the points from my card I only owed $ she says...$1.82... I said ....I'm not sure why u did it that way...I would have cashed the check 1st?...she looks at me and say" So your going to cash a check for $1.82?"...I said its none of your business why I'm cashing the should have cashed it 1st"...... so she pauses looks at my check and says....."Its a $1.82!!". With neck rolling and squinting her eyes!!??!..I paused for like 5 secs....I was shocked ...mind u the manager was less then 8ft away hearing all goes on...and I walk off..and say I have no time for this foolishness & I get the manager involved..she walks By and I say u need to work on your customer service skills...and more back & forth between me & her...(it wasn't pretty)...then the other Cashier next her is laughing at me as I'm speaking..again it was so rude she pushed the wrong button & still Manager never said a word to her for Combating me & making me feel I have to defend why I'm cashing my own Check???... .all in all....Poor customer service and people skills....disrespectful & handling me like I'm some girl ....instead of treating me like A Customer/Driver. Try to hire more mature individuals that's not going to argue with a driver who's only try to get some cash and buy a few items no matter if its only a $1.82!!!! (I honestly think she prejudged me & thought I was a "Lot Lizard" that's why she treated me the way she did). But the shower & McDonald's was good...even they heard me go off on this little rude immature girl! Lol

August 19, 2012

by Aaron Fredrick

This T/S is surrounded by trees n expect the miquitoes

August 12, 2011

by A Google User

Houseflys, gnats, & other flying insects plauge this location & the adjoining McDonald's. I do not understand how they can pass an inspection. If I return it won't be before winter, when the bugs are gone!

October 06, 2012

by Vlady Stav

October 27, 2013

by Giedrius Gatautis