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Flying J

5 Reviews
15919 North Freeway
Houston, TX 77090


Parking 75
Weigh Scale 2
Diesel Lanes 7
Truck Wash
RV Dump
Showers 7


October 17, 2014

by Brian Landon

Good security. Good restaurant. Get here before 5pm or no parking. I have never seen prostitutes or drug dealers here. I come here every month.

September 10, 2014

by Joe Cortez

Well I dont know where to start the bathrooms were disgusting.The parking lot full of prostitutes and drug dealers. Oh the staff was incompitent I asked the cashier Amber if someone ever cleaned the restrooms she just shruged her shoulders.She was covered in tatoos looked more like a groupie for a rock band than a employee. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE IF AT ALL POSSIBLE.

September 19, 2014

by James Holman

I have been here on a few occasions I never found any of these reviews to be true I found the bathrooms to be actually very clean and the cashiers are very nice yes they are very busy and furthermore I slept the whole night and did not get my door knocked on and even saw a security guard when I got here so even though I hate pilot with a passion I will give credit where credit is due!!!

July 03, 2014

by hood ceo

I hate this place! Under staffed at night...very busy with drivers and local people. Waited 1/2 hr for a pizza that I ordered and was never told that it was never put in the oven. Dennys is busy @ 3am with 2 waitresses...The shower card reader was down, so they're charging people for showers. DRIVERS WHO HAVE SHOWERS ON THEY'RE CARD! The computer on the safe was down and the three people in the store were playing with that. The cashier is full of lame apologies for the pervasive ineptitude.The place is filthy....trash running over on fuel islands, bathrooms are disgusting. The porter is in the back kicking it with what looked like his twin brother.....I called the 800 number for pilot, but unfortunately I could call everyday at any given pilot usa. I SO MISS THE DAYS WHEN WE HAD A CHOICE IN RESTAURANTS AND TRUCK STOPS. NOW ITS PILOT, OR PILOT, OR PILOT, OR FLYING J......I STARTED THIS POST WITH I HATE THIS TRUCK STOP....I DONT THINK HATE IS STRONG ENOUGH WORD

June 29, 2014

by Gustavo Fleites

Store. More o less like the rest of the flying j's. Parking is not secured at all. Lots of scammers around knocking on your door. Selling stolen and fake goods. I got to spend the weekend here with my 11 years old daughter. And iam seriously concerned about our security.