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Flying J

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2210 Camp Swatara Road
Myerstown, PA 17067


Parking 60
Weigh Scale 2
Diesel Lanes 7
Truck Wash
RV Dump
Showers 5


October 19, 2014

by Topaz Truckette

This place wouldn't be bad if the staff wasn't lazy. The bathroom courtesy check call sounded and no one actually checked the dirty bathrooms. Then later on, there were 15 people in line, one poor little blonde cashier trying to do it all by herself with the manager standing by the side and the Cinnabon chick just milling around. Cinnabon wouldn't help until a customer asked if she could ring stuff out too, and then she finally decided to actually provide some customer service since her big secret that she had the power to help was out. The guy that cleans the showers is the worst. Bought the shower, 5 were open and just needing to be cleaned, and yet still had to wait half an hour--not because he was being thorough, but bc he kept disappearing. And when he finally did "clean" it, he took a spray bottle in for not even 1 minute and then cleared it for the next customer. When I went in, there was debris on the seat, toilet paper was low, and I know nothing had been wiped down. Another customer actually asked for a mop so he could clean his shower himself. As for what this place has amenities wise, 2 washers (pay extra quarters for heavier loads) and 4 dryers, so you pretty much have to sit back by the machines and watch them like a hawk to find an opening. Game room is like 3 beat up machines. 8 showers, Idle Air in the lot, Subway, Huddle House, and a Boss shop in the back.

April 14, 2014

by michelle murphy

The service here sucked. I drive over the road and usually find these places well staffed and friendly. I was there on a Saturday night and there was one non friendly guy at the register. The line was twenty people long(not exaggerating) another employee came out, walked behind counter, did something then left., I get paid to keep my truck rolling. I spent ninety minutes just to scale my trailer.... Thank goodness I wasn't planning on going any further that night. Just wasted part of my break

July 14, 2014

by Tracee Wells

Poor... Filthy restroom...only 3 toilets and only 2 wash machines for 4 dryers. Not set up well at all. Won't be back if I can help it.

November 25, 2013

by Sonu Rony

I visited this station first time; shower's pipe was leaking and spraying water all over like fountain, and towels had stains like paint's. I bought Wi-Fi internet that did not work at all. I called to customer service and they said there are several users...I said then why am I charged for this if it is not working...then are was a long silence at other end.

July 28, 2014

by Jason Garcia

Great people, nice set up for us truckers.
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