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Pilot Travel Center

5 Reviews
403 Southeast Frontage Road
Winona, MS 38967


Parking 110
Weigh Scale 2
Diesel Lanes 7
Truck Wash
RV Dump
Showers 5


September 24, 2014

by Kelly Weese

No windshield wash in buckets for truckers,bathrooms look like a bomb went off,wait 15 min. for taco bell they cant even get order right. Pass it by if you can wait till you get to another truck stop its obvious they dont care for their trucker patrons.

April 17, 2014

by Zeb Leech

Been to worse, not by much. All three registers tied up with problems. 8 people in line, 3rd employee clears register then just hangs out instead of helping the line of people. And that was a manager. Other comments are accurate, no tp, dirty bathrooms, rude staff. Taco bells was much nicer. 11 minute wait to by 1 item.

March 13, 2014

by larry bagwell

Most disgusting pilot i have been to in a long time. Bathrooms filthy, toilet paper sitting on top of all the dispensers instead of in them. Garbage cans outside all overflowing with garbage piled around them. Garbage piled chest high against outside of dumpster fence near door. No garbage was picked up since i arrived here 24 hrs ago. Bathroom had a very strong sewer odor, hard to breathe in there. The Taco Bell was very very slow both times i went in there. (12 minutes for xxl nachos). Showers very slow to get cleaned. (went in 3 times thru the day and all 3 times there was a waiting list while the truckstop was half empty). The internet was decent, at least during the day, had to switch to my mobile broadband in the evening tho. Needed to buy fuel but i'm not going to buy it here. If your out of hours i suggest trying to find somewhere else to park.

February 24, 2014

by Edward Cruz

Showers are small, but very clean, and the employees were friendly. The manager apologized for not having anymore 24oz coffee cups, but it wasn't that big of a deal to me, just grabbed a 20oz, lol. Most bad ratings are really old, so they must have fixed the problems. I didn't smell sewage, restrooms were clean, and coffee was full and hot. The lot had plenty of parking at 8pm, but had 2 spots open around 10....more than enough room to make a spot, lol. Taco bell was average, but what do you expect from fast food?

November 06, 2012

by Brian Carla

worse showers ever. had no towel, no soap, nasty toilet and sink. The boy cleaning the showers was very rude cursing and complaining. The line for the shower was very long and our wait time was over an hour and it was not even very late. The girl at the counter was too busy flirting with guys and sold smokes to an underage boy. But the worse was the boy cleaning the showers. He was complaining that people were taking to long in the shower and the m.f need to get out. If I pay 10 for a shower I am going to take about 15 min. It was 39 degrees outside and I was not going out with wet hair. He didnt clean the toilet , there was hair on the seat. Gross. Worse one ive been too ever! next time I will find somewhere else to go if I pass through there.