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Love's Travel Stop #313

2 Reviews
100 Loveƕs Industrial Dr.
Matthews, MO 63867


Parking 90
Weigh Scale 1
Diesel Lanes
Truck Wash
RV Dump 1
WiFi 1
Showers 1


September 17, 2019


I stopped to have a load scaled and take a SHOWER! I was the ONLY person taking a shower at 10am. A black man working the cash register gave me the key to room 2. I got my shower things from my truck after scaling and came back to get my scale ticket..second weight..and take my shower. Two white men and ONE WHITE FEMALE was working the registers. And the BLACK man. I have to be specific to explain what he did to me! As I picked up the scale ticket another black man a truck driver looked at the BLACK man and said she is two go get her! They both started laughing! I wondered what was so funny! I took the key he gave me and tried to unlock shower #2. It would not open! I thought someone had an extra key and was inside so to avoid drama..I went BACK TO THE REGISTER AND I SAID..IS SOMEBODY IN SHOWER #2.. THE KEY WILL NOT OPEN THE DOOR! I was standing in front of all of them..looking at the white female to ASSIST ME NOT THE BLACK MAN WHO HAD HIDDEN IN THE OFFICE AND WAS NOT WORKING FOR THIS REASON...He ran out of the office like a rocket and said, " I am going to come back there and open it!" I said " oh no you are not!" He said, "the lock is broken and IM THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN OPEN IT! YOU HAVE WORK IT AROUND AND PUSH IT IN!" I SAID, DO NOT COME BACK HERE I CAN OPEN A SHOWER DOOR MYSELF I DO NOT NEED YOU TO OPEN THAT DOOR! he ran out of behind the counter after I took off to open it up myself AND LOCK MYSELF INSIDE! He was too late! I got the door opened and ran inside..when I came out..a big ugly geasey black blade headed man was behind the counter..SCREAMING AT A WOMAN AND POINTING AT THE CUSTOMER SAYING REALLY MEAN THINGS IN A CONDESCENSING WAY TOWARDS ME AND LOOKING AT ME TOO! THIS FOOLISH AND STUPID BEHAVIOR FROM THE AFRICAN AMERICANS NEEDS TO STOP! I AM OF MIXED RACE AND MY GRAND DAD WAS HAITIAN AMERICAN!

September 17, 2019

by MagazinSites

Love's Travel Stops Country Stores entered into an agreement with the National Basketball Association (NBA)'s Oklahoma City Thunder on March 15, 2019. The agreement allows Love's to prominently place its logo on the front left shoulder of all Oklahoma City Thunder jerseys.