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Pilot Travel Center

5 Reviews
Road 8
Dunnigan, CA 95937


Parking 70
Weigh Scale 2
Diesel Lanes 9
Truck Wash
RV Dump
Showers 11


June 13, 2014

by Kyle Nickleson

As it was a late night I decided to get something to eat at Wendy's, nothing much else around and wanted to fill my stomach for the road to Redding. The prices were a little higher than other locations. I ordered the combo deal Baconator. Everything tasted just fine. 30 minutes later is when I noticed my luck changing. Let me tell ya I'm so glad I didn't get back on the road right away :- D While looking around at all the goodies, I felt my insides moving and bolted to the bathroom., Sorry Custodian it was Wendy's fault... Coming from Dave Thomas; SMH

July 23, 2014

by Manjit Lidher

Good service

December 15, 2013

by edwin h. singmaster

Record your fuel purchase by taking a picture of the pump with your phone. Damn the printer or standing in line!!

December 30, 2011

by Brandon Malone

Service was great. Ryan is just s whiney little birch

October 09, 2013

by travis martin

Takes FOREVER to fuel a truck....not enough spaces to park.....wish these chains gave receipts @the pump....stop forcing truckers to come inside so we MIGHT buy something