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TA Franklin

5 Reviews
4400 Peytonsville Road
Franklin, TN 37064


Parking 100
Weigh Scale 2
Diesel Lanes 8
Truck Wash
RV Dump
Showers 6
Laundry 1


September 05, 2014

by Da One

I would really like to see a sign at the drivers lounge that says no phone conversations allowed within the drivers lounge. Drivers come to listen the television, not personal conversations. Can we work on this one TA? I saw 2 drivers ready to kill each other over this problem. I left and went back to my truck before bullets started flying.

June 25, 2014

by Christa Brace

The shop is Awesome !!! Went in for a wheel seal. They were quite busy. Yet they got me in and I was able to deliver on time. In and out in just under 3 hours. Shower was great and got my laundry done. Thank you TA. : )

October 26, 2014

by Knight Templar

Restaurant is ok , stay away from Burger King and the Chicken place filthy filthy lazy scum working .

November 10, 2013

by TigerPaw kat

Beware of showers; either ice cold or scolding hot. Got our showers put back on our card. Dont bother eating at the "resturant." Better off going hungry. The mgr is back there with the cook. One waitress. 45 minutes for two eggs, hash n bacon. Hash was raw, eggs were unacceptably raw, Cold coffee, burnt toast. STAND UP FOR URSELF IF UR FOOD IS CRAP! I requested to speak with the mgr and got our check redone. Mgr apologized but i expect you to act not just talk so we shall see....HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE LIL MEXICAN PLACE "ACAPULCO BURRITO," ACROSS THE STREET. Slight language barrier but ill deal with that if the food is good, which it was. Traditional and fresh. Screw country pride, stretch your legs and walk across the street.

May 30, 2014

by Eddie Stacey

Great place to park and feel safe. Plenty of parking and good choices for food