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Whitacre Logistics LLC

12602 S Dixie Hwy.
Portage, OH 43451


December 12, 2016

by Paul Ferguson

Four J trucking sub for Whitacre

Whitacre Logistics was a good company to work for. If you are coming here to see any reviews for Four J Trucking hauling for Whitacre I would highly advise to stay far away from Four J Trucking. Since my first pay I had questioned if I was being paid in full. An average of $350.00 pay every week is what was deposited into my account. I can make more flipping burgers at McDonald's. I worked there for five months, only had five paydays that were $1,000.00 to -$1,250.00. I went from being at least a month ahead in bills to having shut off notices. When you start with Four J trucking you are told that the fuel will be split, the tolls will be split. This is not the case, all of the fuel is taking out, and you pay fully for tolls. Along with the trucks insurance weekly. Along with any other truck fees also. Four J trucking in the beginning will reimburse for scale tickets, lights etc. Then all off a sudden no reimbursement's. They will say they will help you out in fuel. A total of an extra $5.00. You can pay a bill with that! Not. When you ask where missing pay is you are told they will look into it, and not to contact Whitacre about it because they do not want the truth to be known. You are expected to take that what Four J trucking is paying you is what you are owed and no questions asked. Though told you can look at the breakdown at any time to advert that they are scamming you out of as much as they can without it being obvious. Though it is obvious. When you're making at least $3,500 and only getting paychecks on an average of $350.00 weekly. When you do look at their settlement and tell them that isn't right, their reply is well that's what you're paid. Now the week before I quit I went over the previous five weeks of pay just to see and added it all up. Total missing= $2,614.00 When I went to speak to the owner of Four J Trucking to give him my notice. I was called stupid, retarded, dumb and told me that I would fall on my face and fail miserably for making a change to owner operator. When I talked to the owner that Sunday he told me I could leave that Sunday and he would get a driver in the truck the next day. No problem with the owner. So I made my last day that following Tuesday. Whitacre told me after a load I dropped off that I was good to go, and head home. I have this in a text message. The owner of Four J trucking told me to keep the truck for them until he could find out what to do with it. We dropped the truck off Thursday to the owner. Everything was fine. Come the next day- Friday I didn't receive my pay. The owner responded to one text when I asked him where the pay was and the response I got was "working on it". Nothing came I tried calling and texting with no response from them. Come Sunday I drove out to the owners home. The owner proceeded to tell me that Whitacre was very upset with me. I was no longer hirable with them, but I could still work for him if I wanted to. I told him that I was buying my own truck and that I appreciated the offer. The owner then told me that Whitacre did not pay me for the week of work. That I needed to write out a letter stating that I terminated my employment on the day I quit before any pay would be given. So I did that and returned that paper signed and dated. I received my pay the following Monday. Once again short of money. The following week I received another payment for the weeks work (short again). Then the following week I received two payments on the same day. Tried over and over again to call the owner to get ahold of him, and also texted. I received no response until I got in touch with Whitacre and let the owner know that I did through text. The owner decided then to get in touch with me. I wanted to know when my escrow would be paid. The owner said that they have 45 days to pay it. I said ok, and waited the 45 days. 46th day I got in touch with my lawyer to see what I should do. I was advised to text the owner stating it was now the 46th day and that I expected my escrow and final settlement break downs by the closing of the bank on the 47th day. I received no word until last night. With the owner proceeding to tell me that I will not be receiving my escrow. That I gave the truck back to him on empty (not true) when I received the truck on full. Now a few months ago the truck I was in got backed into. Had to go to the shop to get repaired it took a few weeks. I had to move to a different truck. When I got into that truck the truck was almost on empty so I siphoned the fuel out of the truck that I just fueled and got to rolling. Though the owner not only charged me for fuel my last week (only working 2 and a half days and getting it on a quarter tank I have the fuel receipts for the first week that I started that I had to fuel the first day out) but also for the truck that I used while the other truck was being worked on. The owner double charged for fuel my last week with the claims I brought the trucks back on empty. The owner finally sent the settlement's (always written out never shows what Whitacre actually paid) I was charged $1,312 for fuel for a week, when that was a previous 2 weeks ago pay and the week I was charged for that I didn't even hit $500 in fuel. I was told the two deposits that was made on a Friday included my escrow payment of only $750. So that means I am missing a complete pay day of $1,325.00 according to the settlement's I was sent. The last three weeks of pay equals to $3,534.00 + fuel that was not only over charged but double charged and on terms that are not true (giving the trucks back empty). Not to mention charging $106.00 for tolls I did not take the last week of working for them. So for a total of 8 weeks I am missing $6148.00. I worked for Four J trucking for five months. Roughly 22 weeks. 8 of those weeks = $6,148.00 of missing pay. Can only imagine when we get the actual settlements from Whitacre what I will be owed. This is a long post, but needed to be done. Four J trucking will pretend to want the best for you, which is not the case far from it.