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Waller Truck Co., Inc.

400 S McCleary Rd.
Excelsior Springs, MO 64024


September 28, 2017

by Jeff Gibson

Awesome Company

AWESOME COMPANY. GREAT MANAGEMENT. I personally know the owner and while it's been unfortunately a long time since I've last had the pleasure of meeting with him & Family, I know nothing has changed with the integrity for which he operates his company. They were my neighbors when I was growing up. The most hospitable family. I salute Waller Trucking Company's efforts Towards Hurricane relief.

September 28, 2017

by Curtis Callahan

Good Company, Great People

Good company great people I just started and its better then companies I have worked for in the past

November 03, 2015

by Wayne miller

OTR Driver Sly-Dog

Been with Waller since 1994 I take pride in my work history here. Made a lot of friends here at Waller Truck Co. I have seen alot of changes through the years! Only the strong survive! See ya out on the road! Sly -Dog!

November 03, 2015

by Mathew lee

otr driver

I have been here a little over a year like all companies Waller has its problems but not like most companies they try to make the driver happy. If you do your part at this company they will do their part as a company. I have drove for many companies in the past but for me this one is the best for my situation I have two children I think the world of I'm home every weekend if I want and have the income to justify being gone for the week.

November 02, 2015

by Nathan umphreys


Couldn't ask for a better carrier to work for. It's rare to find a carrier that not only cares about their customers but also their employees and I plan on retiring from this company

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