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2830 Cleveland Ave
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January 27, 2017

by Jeremiah Siame


This is my first trucking job and has left a very good first impression all the way from my recruiter to my trainer and driver manager. The pay is better than most for brand new cdl drivers and have been getting my weekly miles as was promised. Would definitely recommend to anyone starting out in this profession. If there was one thing I think could be impossible upon,it would be the medical insurance coverage,but this is a great trucking company to work for and I can see myself here for a really long time.

October 27, 2016

by Ryan Williams


I have worked for big and small companies and non of them compare to the amazing treatment I receive at Veriha. Working for Veriha you can plan on never being home late which is huge deal for us OTR drivers. Financial Benefits of multiple promos, incentives, and raises. I stopped pulled orange trailers and took a cpm cut on a chance this might be better and I am so happy I took that chance. I make way more money, I never wait for a load, and I have a great friendly relationship with my entire team

September 30, 2016

by Harold Johnson


I have over 35 years experience as a driver and the last 8 have been here at Veriha and this is where I will retire from. That is a very strong statement from any driver, but I wish I had found a company like this from the start. I will not try to tell anybody that I have never had a problem, but the people here are always listen to your complaints and come up with a solution. They seriously consider ANY suggestions that you may have to make the company better and a place you would like to work and be a part of. Their equipment is well maintained and safety is a high priority. They try their best to match a driver with the kind of work that they like to do with everything from local to nationwide jobs. The company is basically a midwest and east operation, I like longhaul and they do a great job of keeping me moving. Every company has its pro's and con's, but here at Veriha, I know there are more pro's like me.

September 28, 2016

by Julius Franks

Veriha Trucking

I refer a lot of truckers to Veriha because their "Recruiters' professionalism is above and beyond" other companies. They are family orientated and down to earth. I love how they do everything that they will say- and I greatly appreciate that within this industry.

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