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January 1, 1970


By Audrey Brooks
It is nice to see the people you leased on 20 years ago retire happy.
January 1, 1970


By Kevin montague
Trailer Transit has been good to me for the past 4 years. Here you are the owner op. If ya don't like a load, don't take it plain and simple, ya don't get punished or laid over like other companies. Sure some loads are cheap like new empty box trailer. If the bounce isn't big then you mpg makes your $. You get all the time off ya want, any time, no questions asked. There will always be problems with any company no matter where ya go. Here they are minimal. We have some awesome customers with good attitudes for the most part, unlike freight hauling. Here ya work smart, not hard. I've been driving for 23 years. Never had it this good. Times are getting tough for every one. Have patients here and you will prevail. Office staff is pleasant and Tti is very helpful with problems. They may have to pry my cold dead fingers from the wheel for me to leave. I'm proud to be an o.o. at Tti.
January 1, 1970


By Tim
Poor company it was good for 6 months then after that u go to starving 600 to 800 or so a week sorry loads if anyone still has bills like house payment or car payments need not apply u will go in to bankruptcy
January 1, 1970

Owner Operator

By Leroy Routly
The best company I've ever worked for. You get to do what you want when you want. Most of the drivers will stay with the company until they die!
Trailer Transit, Inc.
(219) 926-2111
1130 E US Hwy. 20
Porter, IN 46304