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Tempus Transport

1612 Perry Highway
Suite 100
Portersville, PA 16051


January 28, 2021

by Harry Foy Iii


Be careful with this company. They are really nice people but doesn’t care about you. They will mess up your check and you’ll have to wait a week to get paid. They don’t like to fix their trucks. I called Michael to fix the truck and all he cared about is us sitting over the weekend. I ended up quitting and got a paystub on Monday. I didn’t get paid that Friday cause apparently they hold your checks for a month after you leave. And if you complain to them about not getting paid your last 3 checks they are gonna say well you did sign the contract. My advice is to avoid this company.

April 06, 2018

by Shannon Fulford


With this company you are not a number but a person, they get to know you by name not by a number. I live working for this company. Great pay and will get you on home time when you request it.

April 06, 2018

by Steve Whisenant

Space Trucker

Good job, easy and less stress than most. Good pay and home time.

April 06, 2018

by Chris


Tempus has been fair and honest with me I think it’s a great position, office workers are very helpful and patient.

April 06, 2018

by Desmond


Great pay and there is a family atmosphere here. Love it!
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