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November 15, 2017

by Steve


Avoid them. If u have a blowout comes out of ur money

January 29, 2017

by Matthew J. Hunter

Independent Truck Driver

Despite all the negatives that I have read on this board, I can attest and assure everybody that Team Driveaway is a legitimate, trustworthy company to work for. In the trucking industry things happen to machines and to people all the time such as breakdowns or trucks not ready. Yet the problems do not start with Team. In my decision to contract with Team, I gave and still give all of my respect to the whole Team. I have had breakdowns, trycks that wont start and even tire blow outs. But if you are a contract driver you have to expect the unexpected. Stuff happens, you just have to give the Team the chance to rectify the situation. I personally have not been ket down at all. I mean at all. Part of the problem that I see with the bad reviews is that some people want instant gratification. Well grow up you bad reviewers. You quit on the Team. Team will not leave you stranded and they pay us within 24 hours of delivery. Actually most times I get paid the very same day if i deluver early enough. I broke down several times and Team Driveaway has Always took care of me because I didnt qyit and I didnt give up. Stuff happens in life and definitely in the trucking industry. So stop trashing Team with your bad reviews and man up and do your job by driving. Semper Fi Matt Hunter

October 26, 2016

by Thomas Graham

deck driver

Liars, thieves and can't be trusted, they got mad at me and terminated me, my brother referred me so they terminated him too, took his full escrow account, and last two pay checks while he was out on a injury, how low can you be. People need to hit them with a class action lawsuit, tried to rate no stars

June 22, 2016

by James Cockrell

former driver

since we can't rate in the negative numbers I guess they have to get 1 star but this is the worst company I ever worked for! They lie to you, lie about you, and if you don't have your own tow vehicle they will strand you in some God forsaken area of the country. They have issues paying you your escrow money when you leave the company, and they can't be trusted.

February 17, 2016

by Beverly Harris


If you contract with this company be prepared to get taken advantage of. They will send you a bill of lading to pick up a truck and when you get there..they have given it to someone else..I quit back in December and they still have not sent me my escrow. They will not return my calls. Just be aware of crooks. And no I did not give them two stars.