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January 1, 1970


By Dennis Powell
Their company policy isn't worth the f*ing paper it's wrote on. They do not pay for orientation.they will put you in their hotel, biggest bunch of A**HATS I've ever encountered. I will do what I can to get them shut down!!! F*** had to give a star to get this out there, up to me they wouldn't get sh*t!!!
January 1, 1970


By Mark
Unfortunately bad experience with the HR. They say they need drivers but do not return calls. It seems like a one person company, any # you call, Melanie is answering( actually her voicemail). Hmmm how do they expect to grow? If they don't respect prospective drivers, they probably do not respect their drivers either.
January 1, 1970


By Kelvin
Future company man sounds like a good company to work 4
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