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Sweet Express

3050 Breton Rd
Grand Rapids, MI 49512


September 26, 2017

by Gary Vortex

Best Company

This is the best company ever to work for. As a company driver I am just amazed at the difference between Sweet Express and other companies. Extremely trucker Centric, or driver-centric, I should say, and Family Centric. They treat everyone like friends and family. Far as a customer goes they stress above all getting shipments to where they need to go on time and safely. I mean the key emphasis on driving is getting to every appointment on time safely. That's a huge plus for customers needing their goods at a location at a particular time and intact. Great company as an employee or as a customer you can't go wrong.

September 26, 2017

by Jason Morgan

OTR Driver

Sweet Express is a great company to drive for. Welcome home is how I felt from the moment I walked in to the company. Everyone is very friendly and they make you feel like part of the family. I have had nothing but a positive experience working for this company. The pay and benefits are top notch and plus they have new equipment also. I hope to see you on the road driving for Sweet Express soon.

September 26, 2017

by Tammy McNeff

Family Oriented Company

I have been with Sweet Express almost a year. I started out with a big box company and was with them for 2 years and they didn't know me by name. I was just a number to them. Sweet Express office staff knew me by name within a couple weeks. I hired on with my family already having issues. Not even 3 months after I started my dad had a heart attack and had to be flown to Butterworth by helicopter. I was headed to Dallas and they told me to bring load back and go be with my family. Recently had another health issue with my mom and they dead headed me from Port Huron home. Not many companies will do that. Plan on sticking around awhile :-)

September 26, 2017

by Driver

Very Good Place

Sweet Express is one of the only places I have found that really does put your family needs first, they will work hard to get you home when you need to be. The maintenance is kept up on the equipment like clockwork. The owner of the company and dispatch will make an effort to know your face and name, your not just a number. I really enjoyed the time I spent working for them..

September 26, 2017

by Truck Driver

OTR Truck Driver

It was great being here because, I traveled to some of the same places. I was trying to get on a dedicated route and it would suit my getting home as well as the miles needed.
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