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February 03, 2017

by MR Champion

Cdl Truck driver for SOUTHERN AG

As a minister I hope the officials of SOUTHERN AG understand why God allowed the company to be struck by the tornado in the bible Deuteronomy chapter 15- talks about giving what's due to the hired Servant they refused to pay DRIVERS anything when Hauling a empty trailer & under. Paid DRIVERS many years the officials of SOUTHERN AG hardened their hearts & refused to pay employers right so God's wrath come upon SOUTHERN AG for that I pray that this will open their eyes & heart to change pay scale & treat the employers the same as they want to be treated if God's next wrath will be more heavily next time the man of God has spoken or continue to hardened their hearts like pharaohs did in the Bible God said vengeance is his and He will Repay those who who mistreat us AMEN

Southern Ag Carriers, Inc.

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