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December 14, 2017

by Todd


Worked as a driver here for about 3 years. All around it's a below average job. dispatch is a revolving door. You have a guy that knows how you like to run then 4 months later they quit or get fired and somebody replaces them and you start over. Always waiting for a back haul. Most loads seem like they ship tomorrow but deliver yesterday. Equipment is okay but with dispatch always behind it's hard to keep your truck maintained on schedule or get anything fixed because they always have a load that's a day late to put on you. They love to put a local load on you after you've been gone all week when you get home before your advertised "great home time" (34 hr restart) you can work regional or local and see the house through the week once and a while but the the freight / pay is very inconsistent.

March 09, 2015

by Andrew Peterson


Small, family owned trucking company that treats there drivers like family. Currently employ 85 drivers who cover the midwest and east coast.