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August 31, 2018

by Matthew meeker


I am currently a driver for ShipEx and they have an amazing staff, people who are always willing to help you in any situation no matter what time of day it is, this company unlike many others has a quality about them that stands and sticks with you, very professional and always 9 times out of 10 on point, would recommend this company to anyone who is looking for a company to actually have a productive career with, ShipEx has been more of a home company for me than any other company I've ever tried to work for.

April 25, 2018

by Tara Kime


I helped my father out when he was looking for a new job. We researched many companies and finally came across the job posting for ShipEx. We read all of the benefits and reviews for this company. The company sounded amazing and he immediately applied for a position. Luckily, he received a call back and ultimately received a position with ShipEx. The hiring and on boarding process was made easy. Once he started with the company he was amazed at how great this company actually was. They far exceeded his expectations on every level. As a daughter of a truck driver of 34 years, I have never seen him this happy at a job. His ultimate goal is to keep working hard and retire from ShipEx!!!

April 25, 2018

by Ray Lester

Truck Driver

This is the best OTR job that you can find out there!!! First of all, medical benefits are fully paid. The salary is a guaranteed 60,000. No mileage and no hourly pay. No bad weeks due to them being slow, lay overs, weather or weight on a load. This company makes no excuses you receive the same salary every week regardless of the situation. You even get the same salary when you spend the week at home. The equipment is all new and top of the line. Now that I have discussed all the perks of working at Shipex, I want to add the best part is working with very smart and friendly people on a day to day basis. This company has exceeded my expectations after 34 years of working in the trucking industry!!!

March 07, 2018

by Mary Baltzell


This morning at approximately 7:30 AM I was traveling North on I-49 near Peculiar, Mo. in front of a ShipEx truck. I had just changed lanes moving to the left lane when we up over a small knoll. The truck driver was behind me in the right lane. As we topped the knoll at 70 MPH the traffic in front of us was at a dead stop. My first thought was that the car in front of him was dead and I was probably gonna get badly hurt if not killed myself. I was amazed at the way in which the driver of this truck moved to the shoulder and passed us both without so much as a minor issue. At a time when so many drivers are in their cell phones and not paying attention he was alert and maneuvered his semi like the pro he obviously is. Thank you to the man with the purple cab and the great skills. Others are alive because you were doing your job with attention and skill.

February 15, 2018

by Kim Rogers


Wasn't sure about a salary job. the wife loves knowing how much my check will be every week. New equipment, no touch loads getting a lot of drop and hook. Jeff Guyman keeps me running and gets me home when I need. Great people and a great place to call home.
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