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October 04, 2018

by Reggie S.

Truck driver

I've had my cdl for 30 years. In all those years ShipEx is the best company I've worked for. A salary wage, steady dependable cash flow sure makes life easier to plan for. November will become the 4th year hauling freight for them. One thing that keeps me motivated to work here is the freedom to haul your load without excessive micromanagement from your dispatcher. My dispatcher Jeff G. assigns me a load and expects a professional approach towards load planning and meeting appointments. You are treated with a dignity befitting the way you would like to be treated. So for me there is no anguish when dealing with dispatch. As far as what I see in this company are excellent decisions leading to company policy, equipment, benefits, bonuses and perks ie:(XM radio) changes that indicate this company has a healthy productive attitude moving forward with long term goals fixed firmly in their sights. The company has invested itself in delivering products for kidney dialysis treatments. Ensuring a long and prosperous run for itself.

October 04, 2018

by Office


I have been working for ShipEx for just a short time now. I changed careers from the medical industry to the shipping industry after 23 years. I was excited to make a change and start a new career but what I really did not know is how much the trucking industry can be just as important as a life saving device if not more. I get the opportunity to talk to many of the truck drivers that sacrifice their families and the luxury of sitting on the couch and just watching TV. I know that some might think that your career choice is just a leisure road trip, but it is so not, this is your business and without you I would not have food or furnishings in my home, heck I wouldn’t even have clothes on my back. Not only that but you hurry across the country just to get to your destination and wait. Some destination with no restrooms just your sleeper and a clock to stare at and think about how you are going to be late to your next load and the frustration that you must be feeling. Going to truck stops to maybe take a hot shower if you are lucky and sometimes waiting for hours just to get a cold shower. I often give our truck drivers a call and before I know it we have been on the phone for 45 minutes or more and I feel so privileged to be able to have that wonderful conversation with them because it must be so quiet in those trucks alone it’s not like escaping to solitude. So, I want to let ALL our ShipEX TRUCK DRIVERS to know that I am always here to listen and try to help wherever possible. BECAUSE most of ALL I am SO THANKFUL for what the TRUCK DRIVERS of ShipEx do for everyone. You are the most important piece of our company and I want to say THANK YOU!!! ROLL ON, ROLL ON, THANK YOU AGAIN TRUCKERS!!! Be Safe out there.

October 04, 2018

by Kim Rogers


Just a short note about a great company and Jeff a great dispatcher. Always keeps me moving and gets me home when I want. Never havin a touch any freight and always knowing what my paycheck will be is a great plus, the new bonus program makes it pay even better to work here.

October 04, 2018

by gerald raymond

Jeff Guyman

I have been with ShipEx for a bit over 2 years now....never been happier in my just over 7 year driving career....between my excellent dispatcher Jeff Guyman who always keeps me running smoothly and gets me home in a timely manner for home times.... and excellent equipment really cuts out all the stresses of driving not to mention the stress relieved from the benefits of salary instead of mileage pay...... would recommend ShipEx to anybody

October 04, 2018

by Derrick


Jeff Guymon is a stand up man, dispatcher, and friend. I’ve been with ShipEx since the end of March. I honestly have to say that Jeff the blue team dispatcher is the absolute best. He’s by far the best, and the hardest working dispatcher in the industry. Home time never a problem, and always home on time. Thanks Jeff for all you do for blue team and me.
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