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Raider Express, Inc.

2400 Cold Springs Rd.
Fort Worth, TX 76106


December 27, 2020

by Douglas Gutsche

OTR driver

So I just got off the OTR training, between the school and otr training this company has impressed me. They have given me the experience and information to be successful and I can't thank them enough. Can't wait for time to show how much I learned. Thank you raider for the opportunity.

August 21, 2018

by wife of student driver


If you are planning on becoming a truck driver and need to find a company sponsored school, DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT even consider Raider Trucking in Fort Worth. This is an honest, non biased truthful review of this scamming joke a company. As they repeatedly tell their students, they are a not a "school", believe them. If I told you how men were treated you would probably not believe me. They are the mos lying, disorganized scammers in this industry and that is a strong claim. You will not receive your license in 4 weeks, maybe 6 if you are lucky. Guess what their pass/fail rate is? 75% fail because they are not trained for the test. There are not enough "instructors" and they have no clue what the others are doing. By the end of the first week they say out of a class of 40 maybe 3 will make it. They told the truth. They have their favorites period. I saw men treated worse tan slaves in over 100 degree heat. Please if you are an honest hard working person looking for real training in ordeer to pass the CDL exam and start a career go anywhere to a reputable company. Raider will waste your time, lie, scam, abuse and you are supposed to receive 3 paychecks, the last being $400. You will never receive this last one unless you pass the CDL and go on the road with a trainer. Keep in mind hey randomly dismiss students for no reason after they have wasted 2-6 weeks of their lives. I watched one older man take his CDL exam he missed something on the pre-trip as soon as he got out of the truck an instructor told him he was no longer needed and he needed to go home immediately. The man was stunned. He said we were told we had 3 tries to pass. The instructor said nope you're out.. This man had spent SIX WEEKS in that joke of a place. After you read this i you still decide to go to Raider at least you have been forewarned.

February 29, 2016

by K. Wolz.

Company driver/trainer

Great company, they advertise 50k a year and I made 78k. I came to this job with no money to my name and they gave me a opportunity when nobody else would. They changed my whole life around. If you want to be treated like a person this is the place to be. They'll work with you on everything. They want you to be as successful and happy as possible. I'd definitely recommend this place to anyone.

August 29, 2015

by Dennis Wicker

Company Driver

Pros: Great company for a starting out driver. Good communication Cons: 58mph trucks