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R C Moore, Inc.

8 Ginn Rd.
Scarborough, ME 04074


October 31, 2015

by Lance


Like any trucking company, there is always some bs which comes with the territory. I run what RC Moore calls the water fleet, which primarily runs bottled water from Poland springs to various stores and distributors in New England. The dispatchers will maximize your time and miles, leaving most days close to 14 hours, but you are home most every night. You may run the weekend if you have hours left, but generally you have weekends off. The equipment is good and well maintained. Kelly Moore does insist that you keep your truck clean and do proper inspections both pre and post trip. Those that don't, will soon find themselves in hot water, or jobless.My experience has been good with them. They pay what they tell you they are going to pay you and the staff is friendly and know you by name, not by truck number. Been there six months, and have been very happy with the company. Btw, they also put me on local short runs by the hour when I asked to be close to home during a week I had personal family medical issues. It was nice to see that they will try to help out drivers who need help during special circumstances.