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601 Middleton Run Rd.
Elkhart, IN 46516


January 31, 2018

by Kevin Frierson

I love working at Pro Fleet

I love working at Pro Fleet. It’s a great group of people, great pay, and great home time for my area

January 31, 2018

by Brian Platt

If I didn't like it here I wouldn't be here

If I didn’t like it here I wouldn’t be here. I don’t like dealing with big fleets

January 31, 2018

by Mike Kimbrell

Great company

I could write a book with all the nice things the company has done for me over the last 18 years

January 31, 2018

by Jason Parker

Super happy here

I’m super happy here

January 31, 2018

by John Cruea

You can't beat the company

You can’t beat the company and you can’t beat the equipment

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