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September 30, 2020

by Heather Johnson

Highly Recommend

Prompt and friendly business. They always deliver as expected and are a pleasure to work with! Highly recommend them!

September 30, 2020

by Betty Elixson

Truly Cares

I have worked for this company for over 25 years as a Aggregate Sales Person..All these negative remarks are so Sad to see. The Pritchett Family truly cares for Thier Employee, Employee's Family And The Community. They Give of Thier Time & Money, but Mostly they Give Thier Hearts to Everything They Do. I am So Proud to Be a Part of the Pritchett Trucking Team 💕

September 30, 2020

by Robert Blum

No Complaints

They are a great company to work for. I am sorry for a earlier comment about the company not having paid vacation time. I have come to realize that they do have paid vacation time. They make sure the trucks are in good running condition. They also know the value of family time. They always ask me how my son is who is special needs and they never get upset when he is in the hospital and I take off from work to be at the hospital with him and my wife. They are overall a excellent company to work for. I have been with them going on two years and have had no complaints.

September 30, 2020

by Jeff Bowser

Great Company

great company to drive for, especially if you want to be at home at night, make good money, terrific people.

September 30, 2020

by Beverly Tomlinson


Honesty, hard working people who make this company what it is "FAMILY ". And family strive to make sure you are happy to have done business with them and appreciate the fact that you have been treated as one of their own. Hard to find the caliber of care, respect, and delivery as PRITCHETT Trucking Company.

Pritchett Trucking

1050 se 6th street
Lake Butler, FL 32054