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Minstar Transport, Inc.

837 Apollo Rd., Ste B
Eagan, MN 55121


February 20, 2024

by kyle henry


as of 2/20/24, a "perfect week" will get you about 68cpm in profit for the 3000 mile week., thats highest paying customer loads for a full week. this is the effective "max" you can make. if you run less or get paid the non premium youll make close to 30cents per mile. stay safe drivers

May 26, 2017

by Jeffery L Fourqurean

Lease operator

I wanted to get home and they were willing to do that. Now my attitude toward Minstar has changed, I ran 2318 miles and made 11 drops this week. I asked for an advance on the load, I was told that I didn't make any money due to having an inverter installed in their truck. I was told until you get your security deposit was paid that you would make .30cpm and nothing will come out of this. For the record don't believe something that sounds goods. Out of the 2318 miles and 11 drops only made $200. Just be cautious when talking to Right Turn recruiting they get $500. every month for six months.

May 25, 2017

by Jeffery L Fourqurean

Lease operator

I noticed a lot of things when I came to work for Minstar. When leasing a truck, they tell you what they had which was Burgundy and Green so I wanted the Burgundy. The day of Orientation, I was then told that your truck is here. I was okay and asked did I see it, I say no. Then later when I really had the time to look at it they had it in the shop getting it ready. I needed to have an inverter installed because I have a Cpap machine. The recruiting department knew that before I arrived there. This inverter should be included in the price of the truck. The truck I received was Plum not Burgundy, but was set on a Burgundy truck. Plum is a nice color, as long as it makes me money. There are a lot of positive people there to give you help when needed. I believe that this is a good company so far, I hope this company will help me to become successful in growth and in financial freedom.