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March 12, 2017

What a joke

By Robert
Can't wait to tear Mercers decals off my truck. What a waste of time! They talk an awfully big game.....but that is all they do. I should of known better that to come here. When I noticed all the Mercer adds and cards at every truck stop and truck magazine should of been a huge red flag. They can't keep anyone. I noticed that they keep their select favorites busy.
February 1, 2017

You will sit and sit and sit!

By Lumberjack
Getting loads is like pulling teeth. Mercer likes to blame the economy but the fact is they either have garbage freight or no freight. I went to an area that should have freight. They have nothing. All you will do is sit.
January 9, 2017

Dont Work Here

By Terry
Almost went broke here. Cheap freight. Very high turnover. Not many loads. Mercer likes to blame the economy when they don't have any loads. This is nothing but a lie.
December 21, 2016

Just left Mercer

By George Lufkin
About starved there and went broke. All talk no action from Mercer. No wonder they advertise all over the place. Many drivers quitting when I was there. Happy I bailed.
November 30, 2016

They Love Turn Over

By Richard S
They love trying to get owner operators to haul freight for bargain basement prices. You might as well be a company driver because Mercer doesn't really tell you where they get the loads from. I did a little checking. The majority of the loads are from other carriers. The rates get cut so bad that you cant make a living at Mercer unless you are one of their favorites. The vast majority of the brokers work from home and just find stuff on the internet load boards and try to act like they booked the load from the shipper. All LIES! You will loose money if you go here.
September 15, 2016

All Talk No Action

By Shaun T
Mercer talks a big game but they fail to deliver. The freight is really cheap. Further, they hide freight for their "favorites" and put the left overs on their so called "load board." They should call it a table scrap board. Unless you are one of their "favorites" you will beg for freight.
September 1, 2016

Rip Off Artists

By Donald
Hardly any good freight. They promise but fail to deliver. All good paying loads are saved for favorites. Mercer claims it is "the customer requesting that driver." In other words Mercerhides loads for their favorites and makes excuses to the other drivers. You will go broke here.
August 23, 2016

Owner Operator Mill

By Larry
Mercer can't keep any owner operators because you will either sit or have to beg for loads. Cheap freight and favortism run rampant. The place is a revolving door of owner operators. One half is leaving while the other suckers are on their way in the door. Save yourself the trouble and don't go.
June 23, 2016

Stay away

By Pops
Frieght is horrible. All the brokers Do is cut and paste loads off other load boards. Crappy rates. Good loads and dedicated runs are saved for their favorites. Basically it's a good ole boy system.
August 29, 2015

Owner Operator

By Dedric
I like everything about them. I have not have any problems whatsoever and I'll be with them until I retire.
August 28, 2015

Company Driver

By Billy Merkey
Love everything about them
August 28, 2015

Owner Operator

By George Scaki
I was discriminated against. Driver turn around rate was very high.
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