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January 1, 1970

All Lies

By Zack
This place is an Owner Operator Mill. Dont waste your time here.
January 1, 1970

Company Driver

By Thomas
Sit for a week get a load. Sit for a week don't get a load. Then they call and offer you a load paying $1.70. Deadhead 220 miles now it's a $1.36. But Mercer act like they're doin you a favor. No loads, cheap freight you can't make a successful life. And with Mercer you're not a owner op. If you see a load on the board you have to wait in line till it's your turn. Yes you can tell your coordinator that you're interested in the load but you still may not get it. And if you're a good buddy agent driver sometimes the agent will call you and offer you a load before it runs the board of shame. Don't waste your time at or with Mercer. You spend money to make money. But with Mercer you will keep spending and spending.
January 1, 1970

Ripping off Mercer Stickers Now!

By Charles W
I have been here 30 days. Ripping the Mercer Sticker off my truck as we speak. This place is a D*mn joke.
January 1, 1970

Sorry I came to Mercer!

By Steven
I wished I saw these reviews before I went to orientation. Everything they say here is true. I am currently looking to more to another carrier before I get starved out. Lots of sitting and bad rates. The load board is really a pure joke and doesnt even work correctly most of the time. The attitude at Mercer is take it or leave it. Mercer knows they have you in a box. Lots of dead heading for trash. Yes there is a huge amount of favoritism and game playing. I am outta here!!!!
January 1, 1970

Bailed at Orientation!

By Charles
Went to orientation. When I was there saw a bunch of drivers there turning in their trailers or quitting. I could not imagine so many drivers leaving...and they all had similar stories about crappy rates, no loads and favoritism. I saved myself the trouble and left before the first day of orientation. I got in my truck and got out of there as fast as I could.
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