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July 28, 2023

by The public

More Meijer driver road rage

Trying to get on on 75 north and a Meijer tractor number 2201(D.O.T number 1459678) was in the high speed lane as we were coming onto the highway and then he proceeded to pull into our lane and almost hit us. Driver caught up to us in the high speed lane and changed lane about 2 in off our bumper and proceeded to tailgate us. We took pictures of his tractor and he decided to get off at the next exit. Coward, I've been a driver for 30 years and I've never done anything stupid like this. If you're that immature and aggressive, you probably shouldn't be driving a 45,000 lb killing machine. It's in Ohio State patrol would have seen the way he was acting and driving he would have been cited especially for being 2 in off somebody's bumper. This driver was clearly aggressive and has some anger issues to work out. The highway is no place for your road rage games.

October 14, 2018

by Dave

Meijer truck driver road rage

My family and I were driving south bound on I -75 last night near the 14 mile road exit at 10:30pm. We were in the right hand lane when a Meijer truck (with trailer number 752) was in the middle lane signal and proceeded to enter our lane. We were nearly run off the road. We honked and sped past the truck. The driver then sounded his horn and tailgated us with his bright lights on. We exited the free way at 14 mile to avoid him further on the freeway.