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411 North 10th St.
St. Louis, MO 43101
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September 28, 2017

by Rick Bockman


Great company to drive for good equipmentgood home dime and good money

August 11, 2017

by Anthony

Lease Driver/Advisor

I stand by LTI because, no company is prefect...and when LTI sees a problem, it gets solved quickly and with confidence. The miles are great and the fleet managers care about the drivers. We strive for perfection and are well on our way to stand out in this industry! Be safe and come on aboard!!!

August 10, 2017

by Jackie Sutton

Lease Driver

LTI Trucking is one of the best trucking companies out here that really means and stands by what there website say's about there company. You are considered family at LTI Trucking. The leasing program with LTI is the best the pay, miles and the equipment is the best. The recruiters are awsome the most helpful give them a call they have the time to answer any questions you may have. The driver manager help you make a paycheck weekly not sitting you all the time yes we all know sometimes it will happen but at least you get paid while you are sitting come work for LTI so you can be stress free and happy looking for a new trucking home come home to LTI Trucking like myself and my husband Diamondbak.Last but never the least the owners are available to the driver's if need be. There is no better company to me. I represent LTI Trucking load and proud! Jackie Sutton

August 10, 2017

by Diamondbak

Lease Driver

When I first started with L.T.I. Trucking. Services I had no clue what was ahead just losing a home from the previous job ... I was confused, but have goals to succeed at becoming an owner operator. Since February. L.T.I. has helped Me and my wife jackie to reach those goals plus just being a driver here they treat you like family.... And award the drviers for there work ...cause at of the week you will go home with a pay check!

August 10, 2017

by Christian Civello


From my experience, LTI is filled with employees who genuinely care about the driver, and treat them each as an individual, with respect.

About LTI Trucking Services


(company) 2 Years : $.52 cpm
(company) 3 Years : $.53 cpm
(company) 4 Years : $.54 cpm
(company) 5 Years : $.55 cpm
(company) 6 Years : $.56 cpm
(company) 7 Years : $.57 cpm
(company) 8+ Years : $.58 cpm
Owner Operators : $1.09 cpm


Type of Runs: Regional, OTR, Short Haul
Time Away from Home: Yes
Lease/Purchase Available: Yes
Paid Orientation: Yes
Rider Programs - Spouse: Yes
Rider Programs - Child: Yes
Pets: Yes
Training Available: Yes


Medical: Yes
Dental: Yes
Vision: Yes
Retirement: Yes


Bonuses: Yes
Lay Over Pay: Yes
Breakdown Pay: Yes
Loading/Unloading: Yes
Extra Pickup: Yes