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April 09, 2021

by Barney

The best

A driver asked me once how I liked working for legit. I guess I had been with LGT for a few years and it was the first time I'd heard that particular nickname. I knew he was looking for the short answer so I told him that it was great and I couldn't see going anywhere else. The long answer has more substance than you can share without sounding like you're in a cult. It was a long road for me leading up to this point. I had a litany of failure to launch type jobs into my thirties, struggled, got a CDL from a training company, suffered, bumped a lot of docks, starved, and always upgraded to the next best thing when I had the experience. Now, as far as I can tell, there is no next best thing. I know that we've had drivers come and go, so some people must not have had the experience they expected, but I've been with LGT going on 8 years and I can't see doing this for anyone else. And, yes, they are definitely legit.

April 08, 2021

by Terry

Best in the Businesses by a long shot

Looking for an awesome place to work? Look no further! My experience with LGT Transport has been exceptional! They are competitive with pay, safety oriented, ethical, and care about their drivers. The staff at LGT is excellent as well. Driven by and owner who takes pride in her business and her drivers. If you’re looking for a place where you’ll be respected and compensated fairly, LGT Transport is the place.

April 08, 2021

by Monty & Natacha Istre


Ever walked into a place of business to fill out an application thinking this would be my last time? Me neither. That changed the day my husband and I started working at LGT. LGT gave us the feeling that we were the most important asset to their success. We have been with LGT for 6 amazing years and looking forward to many more. LGT has a great owner and a superb support group to assist us and all their drivers in any situation. I team drive with my husband and LGT encourages us to adjust our driving time to better suit us on the job which allows us to enjoy the open road away from home. With all my driving jobs before LGT their was one constant , the money didn’t add up to the hours I put in on the job. LGT offers great pay for great drivers, and if anyone is looking for a amazing start at a amazing trucking company you need to come to LGT.

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