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Legend Transportation

PO Box 712
Yuba City, CA 95992


May 02, 2021

by Jim c


I have been working at legend for 9 months. My recruiter never lied to me in anything he told me about the company it was all true. Thank you Travis for being honest. First recruiter I have ever seen do that. Then I get hired and my first dispatcher wasn’t the greatest but then a month later got joe and things couldn’t be better. Thank you joe. The people and dispatchers I talked to always help and yes the owners are not Americans but they pay me well and talked to the owners son a few times. They care for their drivers and people that work for them. So I saw a few bad reviews on here and if that’s how they were before I got here. It’s not like that now. Best company and people I have ever worked for. I just wanted to get that on here. It’s not a bad company

February 07, 2021

by Wayne Irwin


They are rude. Call them. You will hear someone with a foreign accent that is totally unhelpful. If you ask for safety you will get a question “why.” They don’t pay anything and it’s strange about them. They are abusive at times. Most companies today overwork Driver’s. It’s just that way. Asking for a day off after just a week is unreasonable. They tell you they want you out for a few weeks. But you can trust them

August 21, 2019

by Pat Gram


Warning Stay Away from this company!!! This company is owned by Arab's and are extremely RACIST towards american's. You never know from one day to the next if you will have a job!!! You are not allowed a day off and they do not care about you or your family. If you do ask for day off , you WILL BE VERBALLY ABUSED & Threatened that if you don't want to work , they will replace you by the next day. I have worked here for a week that's 7 days and put in 3745 miles on New truck and I put in for a weekend off for my visitation time with my son court order a week from now, which I was told wouldn't be a problem. And the Verbal abuse and threats I took from this company was insane and unconscionable. Also found out at the same time that If you took a day off and you DO NOT have a note from a doctor or court or from someone with authority , YOU WILL BE FIRED no questions asked!!! This company and dispatchers will lie to you from the first day. The other day when I took my 34 I asked for a load asap, and he texted me back saying " I will let you know tomorrow" so I sat tell noon when I called him to ask him if there was a load for me? When I finally got a hold of him the verbal abuse started in again, with him being extremely rude and threatening me saying that he had told me yesterday that I was supposed to head to Albany, OR. When I told him he said no such thing , he said the he texted me and also sent it to qualcom . At which time I told him that there is nothing text or otherwise. He said told me that he has trust issues with me and to bring truck back to Yuba City. I couldn't believe what I heard , I was in shock. So if you are an american or any other race other then a Arab, STAY AWAY. IF you have a family , STAY AWAY!!!

February 02, 2018

by George Scott


Only making 42 cents per mile for 20 + years of experience that's what they pay for 1 years experience should be 44 cents per mile