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Kottke Trucking, Inc.

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About Kottke Trucking, Inc.

There is nothing more important to the trucking industry than the men and women who are behind the wheel of our rigs. Whether you are a driver or owner operator; been in the industry 10 years or one year; there is no doubt that you have unique needs that most over the road firms can’t fit, let us show you why we are proud to have over 150 drivers call us home.  Find out why so many have not only found a home but many have been with us for over 20 years. Our family starts with our drivers. Contact us today to find out why it might be right for you.

Many companies will tell you that they have the best driving fleet possible, let us share with you why we have the best fleet. Ten of our drivers in the past 11 years have been Driver of the Year finalists in Minnesota.  We have a seven person Driver Board, made up exclusively of our drivers, that discusses opportunities and problems within the company.  Our annual driver turnover rate is less than 30% or less than 1/3 of the industry average.

We treat our drivers right.   We have a very competitive pay program that competes with the largest of competitors to keep our drivers from leaving. We have a dedicated dispatcher and 24 hour support that never leaves our drivers on an island.  Most of our operations department has had a life on the road.  We simply understand the demands of the job!


February 20, 2018

by Bryan L

My hat is off to this one company

Everyone that I have met has really hit home for me. They are truly close to one goal...successfully doing it as a team. As I was meeting the Kottke family, operations, safety, mechanics, and some drivers you can feel that they belong to it and work as one. Reviews are just that but until you actually see and feel the atmosphere that everyone sets off... it means more than just words. 17 yrs in driving a lot of companies has lost this and my hat � is off to this one company and everyone that they have as an employee because no one is just an employee. I am a new one going through orientation BUT I'm honestly happy that my friend had referred me to them. You ever heard of Minnesota nice? I have

February 20, 2018

by Laurie S

Love working here

We truly love working here . Super Company . Everyone treats you with respect all the time .

February 20, 2018

by Greg T

Kottke driver

I am very happy to call myself a Kottke driver. The owners and staff treat their drivers well and do what they say.

February 20, 2018

by Rick S

The best company

After 30 years of driving.i found my Greener pasture.this is the best company for drivers

February 20, 2018

by Mona D

Kottke is one of the best

Of all the companies I've been with in my 27 yrs of driving I have to say Kottke is one of the best I've had the privilege of driving for. They make you feel like family even within days of starting with them. I have recommended them to anyone that asks.

Kottke Trucking, Inc.

211 Highway 212 E
Buffalo Lake, MN 55314


1-5 Years Experience : .46/Per Mile


Type of Runs: OTR
Time Away from Home: Yes
Lease/Purchase Available: Yes
Paid Orientation: Yes
Rider Programs - Spouse: Yes
Rider Programs - Child: Yes
Pets: Yes


Cost Family Benefits: Yes
Medical: Yes
Dental: Yes
Retirement: Yes


Bonuses: Yes
Lay Over Pay: Yes
Breakdown Pay: Yes
Extra Pickup: Yes