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3794 Hwy 411 N.E.
Rydal, GA 30171


December 18, 2019

by Evelyn B

The best company

This is the best company, I have ever worked for. My husband and I ran as a team for 12 year, when he got sick and had to come off the road. The Patrick's found a position in the office to keep me home with him. They have gone above and beyond to care for us and our needs. And the Kennesaw family helped with food when James first got out of the hospital. This is the best family ever

December 18, 2019

by Angela

Great place

Great place to work been here over a year and make money only job we found that knows how to run teams

December 18, 2019

by Joe P

Really smooth

Just starting with my wife, but everything has been really smooth and everyone has been super nice. Orientation was on point, and no surprises which usually always happens. Unless there’s a drastic change this looks like our last stop before retirement. If you can’t make it here you might be in the wrong career!!

December 18, 2019

by John A

Best company I have been with

After being with a few different companies over the last 10 tears I can say this is the best company I have been with & it will take a crowbar to get me away from this company! Couldn't be happier

December 18, 2019

by Jeanne D

AWESOME company

AWESOME company. We've been here over three years now and will stay here until we retire. Love the honesty and respect. Love that we're a family here. I would just say you get what you give and a little understanding of the industry goes a long way. I've been driving for twelve years and this is By Far THE best company I've ever had the privilege to work with.

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