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August 21, 2017

by mike doran


Not the worst place. I was there for three plus years so it's not all bad. The long time general mgr. at Keim left there about two years ago and it's gone downhill ever since. On the plus column the equipment is better than some small carriers and plenty of loads. On the minus the only terminal is in Sabetha KS so if your unit needs repaired that's where you'll go. Any time off for any reason is strongly discouraged, esp. vacations. The above reviews are more or less accurate- the brats are running the show instead of a seasoned sensible general mgr. Minorities need not apply. As with most any place you go, seniority rules as far as the best loads and that's fine. Be an ok place to get some experience and move on. I think the owner wouldn't mind having the company logo tattooed on all drivers foreheads.

February 24, 2017

by Gary

Sorry I even came here

Company does not treat drivers like family. In fact you are treated like garbage. This place is full of nepotism to the brim. Most company employees are either family members or local high school chums. If you live outside of their so called kingdom you will never get a fair shake or good loads. I am fixing to leave asap. The previous posters were spot on. The place is run by spoiled brats that have zero work ethic. They never held a real job in their life. Just spoiled brats living off daddy.

January 10, 2017

by Charles

Treats Drivers like trash

Place is run by the owners spoiled children. Some very young. If you question them you will get singled out for "the treatment." They love student drivers that they can use for tax breaks until they run them off. If they even think you are considering going to another company they will make you bring the truck to the terminal every time you want to go home or have time off. They make sure you know you are expendable.

December 07, 2016

by Dave

They lie lie lie lie!!!

Got approved to work for them. Told them I don't have any flatbed experience. Me in said they would train me. In the end they sent me home because I had no flatbed experience. Really!!! Bunch of kids that run the place too. What a joke. Avoid this trucking company.

October 30, 2016

by Brian

Treats drivers like trash

Company is ran by the owners spoiled brat children. And that's exactly how they treat their drivers. Zero respect. Most of the people that work there are local high school chums with zero experience anywhere else. They even got hammered by the DOT not long ago. They treat their drivers like expendable trash unless you are one of their pets or if they already know you. They are experts at running off drivers when the student government tax breaks run out.
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