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New Pay Package!

K&B Transportation is boosting our starting wage for drivers. This increase will raise the starting wage for OTR company drives on our Midwest and National Fleets to 50 CPM as well as raise mileage rates for existing drivers already on the fleet. With this increase, new hires at K&B Transportation will be guaranteed $1250 per week minimum with our 2500 mile per week guarantee. This pay increase is effective for the pay period starting 5/7/18.


Seniority Bracket     Existing Pay             5/7//18 New Pay Rate

0-6 Months              .45       Mile               .50 Mile

6 mo to 1 Yr             .46       Mile               .51 Mile

1 Yr to 2 Yrs             .47       Mile               .52 Mile

2 Yrs to 5 Yrs            .48       Mile               .53 Mile

5 Yrs +                     .49/50  Mile               .54 Mile


This pay increase is on top of our already outstanding accessory pay package as well as bonus package that includes clean inspection, referral and safety bonuses! This is an increase of over 11% to our driver compensation and with this increase drivers can earn $65,000 plus their first year with the company. Find out more about K&B Transportation by calling (800) 851-8651!

Also earn the following Sign On Bonus!

  • Drivers starting here in February - $1,000 paid to them on the check they receive 5/18
  • Drivers starting here in March - $700 same terms as above
  • Drivers starting here in April - $400 same terms as above
April 15, 2017

Midwest Driver

Communication, respect, you are a driver not a number, and I mean I have only driven for one other major company but compared to the other company k&b has shown that they know what they are doing, they have organization, and they don't over work you to the point of being burnt out. And what they say you get is what you really get, not just an empty promise. I enjoy working for this company and I am happy to be a driver for them as they have not steered me wrong or disrespected me.
March 6, 2017

Truck Driver

Equipment is good and well maintained. Instant response on all repairs. Truck are a bit under powered and limited to 65 mph. Pay: Guaranteed pay of 2500 miles/week. Start at 45 cpm with 6 months experience, higher if more experienced. Salary positions on dedicated account are equal to over 60 cpm or up to $28/ hr. (depends on experience and where you live) Home time is average for OTR - 2 days/ 2 week. Dedicated home time is very regular and about 3 days off after 11-12 out. Miles: OTR averages 2500 (minimum pay is 2500 miles/week). If you are a "go getter" you can get a lot more. Dedicated is about 1900 miles/week - a good deal for the salary. Type of freight: all reefer, mostly Tyson Culture: somewhat regressive dispatch culture. You must know how to deal assertively and professionally with problem dispatchers. Using the chain of command can be very effective in solving problems.
March 6, 2017


Good equipment with fast maintenance response. Home time is regular (11-12 days out) and one is always welcome to stay out as long as desired. Pay is competitive for the OTR (46-50 cpm) and more than competitive for dedicated. Minimum pay of 2500 miles/week for the OTR and $185-200/ day for dedicated. About 2000 miles/ week for dedicated (less is better) and anywhere from 2000-3000/week for OTR (depends largely on driver). All reefers, all company drivers.
March 6, 2017

OTR Driver

I have been with K&B Transportation since 2006. I stay due to outstanding compensation, excellent hometime, late model equipment and of course the people.

Hiring Driver Type

Hiring Freight Type

Hiring States

Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, Wyoming

K&B Transportation


4700 Dakota Ave
South Sioux City, NE 68776


0-6 Months: $0.50cpm
6mos - 1 year: $0.51cpm
1 year - 2 years: $0.52cpm
2 years - 5 years: $0.53cpm
5+ years: $0.54cpm


Type of Runs: Midwest or National
Time Away from Home: Varies by Location
Lease Purchase Available: No
Paid Orientation: Yes
Rider Programs - Spouse: Yes
Rider Programs - Child: Yes
Pets: No


Cost Driver Benefits: Varies-Call for Details!
Cost Family Benefits: Varies-Call for Details!
Medical: Varies-Call for Details!
Dental: Varies-Call for Details!
Vision: No
Retirement: No
Profit Sharing: No
Stock Purchase: No


Bonuses: Yes
Lay Over Pay: Yes
Breakdown Pay: Yes
Loading/Unloading: Yes
Tarp Pay: N/A
Extra Pickup: Yes

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