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About JRayl Transport

J. Rayl is a large, asset-based logistics company that has been family owned and operated since 1987. Founders Tim Rayl and Jim St. John began the company with only five trucks on a small private farm in Akron, OH. Since its humble beginnings, J. Rayl has grown tremendously but still maintains a family atmosphere that makes it one of the best trucking companies to work for. Tim Rayl remains active as the President and CEO of J. Rayl Transport.

J. Rayl provides reliable transportation and logistics solutions. With more than 400 employees and various strategically placed locations, the trucking business is able to meet the needs of a growing number of shippers, carriers and drivers throughout the U.S. and internationally. J. Rayl is also dedicated to sustainability. It reduces its carbon footprint to increase social responsibility and help shippers meet their corporate objectives. Some of the ways the company lessens environmental impact are by offering CNG fueling, running CNG trucks, and using effective training and equipment.


January 21, 2021

by Kenny Wheeler

Best company EVER!!

I have been here almost a year now, and I must say, I wished I'd came sooner! This company is all about family, from treating you like family, to ensuring you have time with family! My sister fell and was in the hospital in Phoenix, AZ...I asked and they got me a load out there to be with her, even gave me a couple extra days to spend with her! I have been around trucking since I was 5 years old (I am almost 60), and this company is the best I have driven for! I have found the family that I call home, and I will retire with JRayl! I have always been OTR, and since coming here I am regional, home every Friday! My wife loves it too, she was used to me being gone for weeks at a time, now she is spoiled being home on weekends! This company will go out of their way to help you, and keep their word! I have never had a problem with being paid either! If you're tired of just being a driver in a seat, or being run in the ground, then come to JRayl! Trucking is my life, my passion, and other companies succeeded in taking the fun out of trucking, but JRayl has put the fun back in trucking for me! They have several options available, OTR, regional, or daily driver...and they pay either salary, by the mile, or hourly...come to JRayl, where you will find the Brotherhood of truckers you've only heard about! I love this company, and everyone, from corporate, to dispatchers, safety, to my boss, are all very goods people, and are easy to talk with, and get a hold of!!! The only thing stopping you from an opportunity of a lifetime, is you...come home to JRayl!!

January 15, 2021

by Richie Mikos


I have been with this company for 6 years now and when I came here I thought it was going to be like all the other companies in the industry, but they proved me wrong they actually treat you like family and they say they get you home on the weekends and they actually do, and as far as pay I actually make a good living with this company and this will be the company I retire from. So if you're looking for a place to call home then come home to Jrayl.

January 11, 2021

by Leo


I have been with Jrayl for only 6 yrs. There are guys who have been with Jrayl much longer,however, in the short time I've been there, working for Jrayl has been a GREAT 6 YRS!!! And God spears my life I know there will be many more great yrs with Jrayl. Working for Jrayl was the best career choice i could have made. You will meet wonderful people like Ms Tara Rayl, Excellent person to work for. Ms Tara will go ALL out of the way to help in any way she can, problem solve and just listen to you if you have any issues or things you need to talk about. You can't beat working for a company like Jrayl when you are surrounded with a wonderful and kind employer like Ms Tara and the entire Jrayl staff. What a GREAT COMPANY!!!

January 11, 2021

by Jerry Tefteller

You Are Family

I have been an O/O for 26 years before coming to JRayl. I have seen a lot of companies claim to be caring and family matters, but here it truly is that way. Great people to work for and they always have your back. I just wish I would have found them all those years ago. This will be my last job in trucking!!

January 06, 2021

by Jason’ Marrale

A great Family First employer

I have been Driving for Jrayl for the last 5 years. Jrayl has been a wonderful company to work for they care about there drivers. The Benefits are around the same in the industry. Come join the family.

JRayl Transport

1016 Triplett Blvd.
Akron, OH 44306


Daily Rates : Based on Experience and Schedule
Mileage : Based on Experience
Hourly : Based on Experience
Percentage Pay for Owner Operators : Based on load rates and fuel surcharge


Type of Runs: Dedicated, Regional, OTR, Local
Time Away from Home: Yes
Paid Orientation: Yes
Rider Programs - Spouse: Yes
Rider Programs - Child: Yes
Training Available: Yes


Medical: Yes
Dental: Yes
Vision: Yes
Retirement: Yes


Bonuses: Yes
Lay Over Pay: Yes
Breakdown Pay: Yes
Loading/Unloading: Yes
Tarp Pay: Yes
Extra Pickup: Yes