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Joe Tex Xpress, Inc.

619 W Rutherford St.
Mount Vernon, TX 75457


January 02, 2020

by Eric franson

Ex contractors dtiver

Holly Hill lies though her teeth to fill their ranks. During saftey inspection the saftey supervisor verbally assaulted me in front of my employer then their “mechanic “ said I needed cam bushings on the steer axle! I don’t know ANY mechanic that can diagnose C bushings on steer axle without breaking it down! The shop they recommended Canton Truck charged 1800.00 for unneeded repairs. Hubs, Bushings and brakes were fine! I quit them and recorded the call and text for them to give me a crappy DAC report! Way to go JoeTex you lie, cheat, steal!! What a company!

January 18, 2019

by E.D Franson

Contract Driver

They need to have a negative rating system. They will lie to you steal your money and load around you! The person in charge of their log department does not know her job and will manipulate your log without you knowledge or permission. The company employees engage in RUDE, IMPROPER AND RACIST COMMENTS. Every employee at Joe Tex Express are know- it- alls until you need an answer then they know nothing.