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HVH Transportation, Inc.

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September 8, 2016


By Brandie jacobs
Great when partner started.. crap now,poor comunication,they expect u to drive illegal, if u don't u may lose job.. dispatchers haven't a clue what their doing, and new management running company even further in ground.. they double bill on gas so watch ur settlement... horrible place to work.
June 10, 2016


By William Thompson
First two weeks were good then nothing but issues developed which still to this very day are still ongoing.Six straight weeks without pay and I've worked week after week and still 800.00 in the hole.it started with a poor preplan which picked up on a Wensday and didn't deliver to the following Wensday causing no pay to be processed for that week.so with the following week all trips turned in it caused me to have to double pay for two weeks with one week worth of trips.I was told by payroll I could fax my trips in which I did three weeks straight.two out of three weeks pay was processed yet the third week no pay was processed and I was not contacted by any one from Hvh.was not till I didn't receive my pay on Friday that I contacted payroll and then was told we no longer allow trips to be faced so that's why you were not paid.Had someone contacted me about this I would have sent trips on by next day service yet that's not what happened.so with a total of two weeks with zero pay being processed Hvh has put me in a very bad situation.So June 9th 2016 is week six without any income and to make matters worse,i unloaded starting at 4am was unloaded by 5 am,after parking and post trip I sent a email to Dm...stating my in and out times and my pat for duty..however starting at 6am and continued throughout the day 12 phone calls and 8 emails all during my sleeper berth time then having to argue with the operations manager.I quote....We have our way of doing business and you have yours.My way is by law.imagin my answering these calls and replying to the emails when I'm supposed to be sleeping,then I start driving and become involved in a accident,my phone records are pulled and just because I was talking business cause this company has there way of doing business,I've now lost my cdl,have huge fines to pay and possible jail time and with that on my lap I'll be luck to find any OTR job ever again.why most would ask are you still there....with not being able to pay any bills personally this truck is now my only home.I have apps filled out and just waiting for replies yet I won't quit till I have a solid job lined up first.as any company there are pros and cons...I'm my opinion,they need a more qualified person managing operations.....a much better planning team and a much better payroll department that communicates issues or concerns to the driver.
April 14, 2016


By Billy the kid
This place is garbage run don't walk save yourself from a serious scam!
HVH Transportation, Inc.
(303) 292-3656
PO Box 16610
Denver, CO 80216