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High Country Transportation

PO Box 700
Cortez, CO 81321


July 05, 2017

by Mark shorty


Do not apply here at coal division they just had all their trucks repoed yes repoed. they going under and not letting us drivers know it one day we come to work and no job. they said it was a glitch in the system that's why they got repoed?? Don't understand why they told us to hide keys to trucks they got us doing their dirty work. but karma bit them in the rear

April 12, 2017

by stacy hendrix

company driver

this company has nice equipment,,,great orientation...nice employees...don't know the methods of their madness when it comes to operations...they need a real operations manager...and fired the bad apples that drive for them...to me they operate out of pure desperation...they are from Cortez CO...in Midlothian TX now...DFW isn't Mayberry..they better get into reality.;.or they will never stop hiring drivers...too many trucking companies that would love good safe drivers...pull you're head out of you're a** HCT or you will be going belly up...

April 01, 2017

by Danielle Downs

Bad Co to work for

We worked there for only a few months before realizing this company did not support or have your best interest at hand. In my opinion the company has no organization. Wasn't clear about needed knowledge during training. Was told paid $20 then to come find out that's not always the case. $15hr. Never was told don't take tolls, that came out of our pocket. Dispatch gave wrong info and at times when needed dispatch they weren't there and night dispatch had no idea. Many times bc of dispatch not knowing what was going on we were stuck on side of road, no bathroom or food. Sometimes stuck at truck stops bc took hours for load info. Had appts for load/unload, they weren't open at time of appt time, again stuck on side of road for hours till open. Went hungry a lot. Couldn't use number 1 or 2 a lot. Was giving wrong pick up orders that took hours to fix. Lots of waiting. If not on a load no pay. So when dispatch couldn't get it together we hung out unpaid. It was a horrible experience.

March 19, 2017

by Larry june


I worked for these guys for 5 months on the freedom side and I done ok,,you are your boss and they don't bug you,,I booked my loads,,if you don't make it here then it's your fault, I had to resign due to my daughter was ill and in the hospital for 3 months, after 45 days I receive a check from high country for $1600 and $300. What you put in a escrow account they will give it back as long as there is no problems. Thinking about going back,. Like I said. Don't let them choose your loads. Do it yourself. They also have a load board with high paying freight

January 20, 2017

by Wendy


This company is a joke, they are LIARS....MY HUSBAND is an O/O... THEY HAVE STOLEN $2500 worth of fees, no proof of WHY...Mike the shop manager is ALWAYS ON THE PHONE AND WILL NEVER RETURN YOUR CALL....HIGH OFC TURN OVER THERE, WE HAVE HAD 4 driver mgrs since may 2016..... they are all LIARS.....
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