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Heniff Transportation Systems, Inc.

5240 W 123rd Pl
Alsip, IL 60803


February 17, 2018

by Jeff worley


Don't believe the BS posted here. Catch any OO at a truck stop n ask his opinion. I've never had a problem getting a load or making a good paycheck. Be willing to take some bad with a lot of good. Absolutely the best company I've ever worked for. Like most truck drivers I'm hard to keep happy but they have done a great job working with me.

October 16, 2017

by Lester

owner operator

I can't thank the Heniff family enough! They have given me an opportunity that no other company has !!! Yea 90 day inspection can be a pain, but I've never been put out of service at a road side inspection or at a scale . The Heniff family has never left me broke down , if I didnt have the cash to get fixed they got me rolling and didn't charge me outrageous interest on money I needed to borrow plus they worked me enough to be able to keep living and pay back without starving ! My dispatch and Management are the greatest group I've worked with ! Thank you Mr. Heniff God Bless you and God has Blessed me with being able to work for you . Thank you.

August 16, 2016

by mike

owner op

place is a joke. incompetent middle management. They cant even supply the drivers with a phone number of the delivery point, can't wash tanks properly can't dispatch to keep you loaded they think it's fine to bounce empty from El Paso to Houston DUH! they lowball rates to get business so low that nobody else will touch it they removed the fuel surcharge off DOW loads to get the account 90% of the loads you pull are late before you even hook the trailer. They will cheat you out of toll reimbursement layover pay and get this they charge you for the use of their tollway and scale ez pass and pre pass. they will fail your trucks 90 day inspection for trivial things while a lot of the company trucks get passed with broken shocks cracked windshields etc They once failed mine cause the paint was peeling on the forward part of an air tank I could go on but its pointless, so is working for Heniff

July 04, 2015

by Ernest

Company Driver

Worst company ever