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Gulf Winds International, Inc.

411 Brisbane St.
Houston, TX 77061


October 28, 2022

by James

Owner Op

Make 5k and be home every day. I'm good. Wish dispatch answered the phone quicker though.

July 07, 2022

by Chris Schoate

VP of Driver Recruiting and Retention

Great home for owner operators and company employees alike!

April 09, 2022

by Rhonda Sears

Beware of this company k

My husband went to work for this company 30 days ago 7 days prior to accepting the offer in which it took them 3 weeks to make a decision on. His mother became very ill. Since it was remote position he moved to be closer to her and back into the area where gwi was located. He did not ask for any time off except for 1/2Tuesday mind you he is still in training so things are still slow for him. Long story short he was not even given the opportunity to prove himself his boss stated that he had two many personal problems and she did not feel it was going to work. If he was still in training how does she know. My hushed is one of the best in the business we used to compete and he would win. They claim to be a family oriented and a Christian company. I can’t help but wonder if Jesus would have done him this way. I am very disappointed that he was not give a fair chance considering he is more than able to preform the job he was not asking for time off and what he does on his time is really no one’s business. This world has become so unfair and so unjust. My husband prayed this position for over 3 weeks while they were making there decision only to find out. They don’t really give people a chance I mean come on his boss had a daily schedule of training that he had to attend. He was not even given the opportunity to show his talents which trust me I have been married to him for over 20 years and we both have the same career choice. He has so much he could have brought to this company. I wish I could give zero stars because this is about all they gave him