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Falcon Express, Inc.

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About Falcon Express, Inc.

Falcon Express, Incorporated (A Sub-Chapter S Corporation of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania) was founded in 1982, to meet the demands of a changing Industry. Falcon's President, Victor Marano, represents over half a century of experience and expertise in the transportation industry. Many of Falcon's original employees are still with the firm today.

In 1983, Falcon Express, Inc. was granted Operating Authority by the Interstate Commerce Commission, under Certificate Number MC-164199. The primary operating areas include the States of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia. The Company maintains Terminal Facilities in Philadelphia, PA and Baltimore, MD. This provides a wide network of facilities for seamless operations between origin and destination.


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Falcon Express, Inc.

2250 E. Church Street
Philadelphia, PA 19124