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Eagle Express Lines, Inc.

PO Box 348
South Holland, IL 60473


October 29, 2017

by Calvin


Eagle Express Lines will not provide to the drivers any written documentation indicating the company paid miles per trip are, they simply refuse! The drivers are told that they will see the miles on their paychecks instead. Prior to Oct, 22 2017 All drivers were paid a fair hourly wage. However recently they have cut the drivers throats they have gone from an hourly wage dictated by the USPS contract to a very confusing sliding scale mile pay scale. Also Eagle is supposed to be a mail carrier, however they are using brokers after a one way trip to postal facilities delivering freight other than mail and it is unclear to the drivers if this act is in void of the USPS contract that could adversely affect them in the future. Management in Illinois is absolutely absurd they are unprofessional, egotistical and narcissistic. There is a complete lack of communication,When they don't feel like talking they send drivers to voicemail and do not return phone calls they also instead of answering the phone they immediately disconnect leaving the Driver's hanging to fend for themselves, when asked a question my favorite response that I received has been "that's a lot of work" this coming from a dispatcher, I was unaware that cut and paste was a lot of work . The tractors are in good repair while all units nearly reaching the 1,000,000 mile mark, trailers are excellent I have no complaints about those. I used to enjoy coming to work I also used to put the company on a pedestal however I could not recommend this company to anyone at this point as I see them quickly going downhill the drivers are underpaid mistreated and management has what seems to be zero lack of respect for their employees behind the wheel. Also the benefits are very expensive and the pay is by weekly for those who don't understand what biweekly means it means you get paid twice a month.