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Dutch Maid Logistics, Inc.

PO Box 365
Willard, OH 44890


March 06, 2016

by Heather Ach


I love this company! I'm sure I could go somewhere else and make better money. However, the staff at Dutch Maid treat me like family. They're understanding and work with me. They also strive to get me miles. I'm out for a month at a time and home for 4 days, with no questions asked. Great benefits with awesome fuel bonuses, safety bonuses, and performance bonuses. Oh' and a brand new truck (I've only been with them for a year). I love my job and my company!

December 18, 2015

by Kenneth Lane


Worked for dutchmaid lacking 1week 90 days.Couldn't get along with Robb he's a drunk and he was ride and a built. They wouldn't trade dispatchers and listen to my side and terminated me cheated me out of safety and fuel bonus and Sam is worthless as manager have hired an attorney to handle it. Always revamped my computer. Everyone agreeded 28th me but they needed their jobs.