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Duplainville Transport/Quad Graphics

N61 W23044 Harry's Way
Sussex, WI 53089


January 23, 2023

by Eric & Kim C. - team drivers for 9 & 5 years

Feel like part of the team/family

Duplainville understands the value of life outside work… past jobs have little flexibility on vacation/home time. Quad listens to suggestions for better ways to do the job and they don’t micromanage. Quad has good equipment, and good pay packages, flexible home time, you feel like a part of the team/family, good benefits-health insurance, access to company cafeterias and exercise facilities, in-house medical/dental/vision care, and pet insurance!

January 23, 2023

by Neal L. - Driver for 11 years

Excellent Compensation and Benefits

The people I work with, and their ability to work with my home time requirements and get me home when needed no questions asked. The compensation is excellent in my opinion as well as the health benefits. I feel like a valued employee here. Working for the shipper, there will always be something to do here. We don’t have to fight to get freight, we make it. That is why we are compensated better than most other carriers’ drivers are.

January 23, 2023

by Mike G. - driver for 11 years

Amazing Company

Having the opportunity to haul for a major shipper that has their own private fleet is a dream most drivers never can live out. Duplainville has always taken pride in its fleet with nice equipment and a strong management team. I feel fortunate to driver for Dupy/Quad.

January 23, 2023

by Pete D. - driver for 15 years

Wonderful People

There are wonderful people here I’ve met through the years that is a big reason I stayed here. Management will always get you home when needed, be it a family event or emergency. The company does their absolute best to give the driver a well-appointed truck with an APU, power inverter, refrigerator, and a nice seat! There are many trucking companies that will just order the bare minimum truck for their fleet. I haven’t even touched on The Companies benefits

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