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About DTL Transportation, LLC

The DTL Advantage: A Transportation Line That Has It All

It's time that you finally found a trucking company that has it all...

  • Modern Equipment
  • Expert Tracking
  • Impeccable Service
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Proven Reliability

DTL has served U.S. industry for three decades and has built an impeccable reputation for customized, near perfect on-time service.

A Modern Fleet: Impeccable Equipment & Support

Modern trucks are the hallmark of the DTL fleet. The secret of the long tenure of our professional drivers is good equipment. They like our trucks because the entire fleet is well maintained, state-of-the-art, safe and reliable which keeps our drivers happy, and ultimately, it keeps our customers happy, too.

Nice & Cool: Leaders In Refrigerated Delivery

DTL Transportation, LLC is one of the nation's leading transportation companies for refrigerated and time-sensitive shipments.  We will constantly strive to to make sure your product is delivered on time, to the correct place and undamaged.  We will keep our offices, warehouses and trucks exceptionally clean and well maintained to ensure the viability and integrity of your shipment.

We specialize perishable goods such as tropical plants, fresh seafood, and juice, etc.

Time Is Money!: Specialists in Perishable Cargo

No other trucking firm is more aware of the importance of this than DTL.  We pride ourselves on meeting and beating critical deadlines and we have a record of timeliness unmatched in the industry.  You can be confident that your delicate cargo is given top priority by dedicated professionals who know how to expedite delivery and who care about your satisfaction.

Because we specialize in refrigeration, we are keenly aware of the importance of timely delivery. DTL has been transporting perishable items for our satisfied customers since the start of our business.  On a daily basis, we carefully handle fresh consumables such as seafood, dairy products, and produce, as well as delicate plants and cut flowers.

Partial Shipments: Flexible Shipping Options

We specialize in Less than Truck Load (LTL) shipments, which allows you to ship with DTL despite the size of your shipment.

DTL Transportation has the infrastructure such as terminals, local pickup & delivery trucks and staff that is required to put LTL loads together. This allows DTL to perform timely refrigerated LTL shipping our of Florida. In addition, as an established and efficient LTL carrier, we can also perform Truck Load (TL) shipments with ease.

Our Team: The Great People at DTL Transportation

DTL believes its people are its strongest asset for maintaining its reputation for competent and efficient delivery twenty-four hours a day.  All of our personnel, including our friendly Customer Service Representatives, our well-organized Dispatchers, and our skilled Commercial Truck Drivers, are well trained and highly experienced.  

DTL has always maintained a business philosophy that incorporates a strong work ethic aimed at satisfying customers.  We believe in maintaining first class equipment and well trained personnel to achieve our high standards.

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Arkansas, Florida, Tennessee

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