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January 11, 2018

Had 2 awesome trainers

by Bradley
Had 2 awesome trainers. I'm on my own now, but still call them with questions. My driver manager is also really good to me. Nobody talks down to me for making mistakes, and everyone has been extremely helpful as a new driver!
January 11, 2018

Great company

by Michael W
Great company to work for! They treat you like a person not a number like the bigger companies do.
January 11, 2018

Fully enjoyed my experience...

by Chito
Fully enjoyed my experience at D.M. Bowman. Recruiter was honest & helpful, Orientation was organized & informative, Trainer was friendly & thorough and DM is personable and supportive. Looking forward to driving local for Bowman
January 11, 2018

So amazing and understanding...

by Stephanie
my husband is currently a driver. he loves this job and company as do I. so amazing and understanding great people and co workers. I'm very proud to tell people my husband works for DM bowman!!
DM Bowman
(888) 928-1489
10038 Governor Lane Blvd
Williamsport, MD 21795