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500 Avenue P
Newark, NJ 07105


January 19, 2022

by Scott Woughter

Regional Driver based out of the northeast

I've been a driver for this company for 3yrs. In my 9 yrs of driving hands down one of the best companies out there. Small enough to know your name. Big enough to keep you busy. Dispatcher do their best to keep you on the home front. If you need to be home they route you by the house. The pay scale is designed to make sure the driver is making money no matter what lane you are running. The safety department is run by level headed individuals. If your doing what your supposed to they leave you alone. If you mess up they take Corrective action and move on. A lot of the personal here have 10 years or better with the company so things run smoothly for the most part. They offer a wide range of driving opportunities from box truck, local, OTR, and northeast regional. I'd recommend this company to anyone.

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