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Dart Transit Company

P.O. Box 64110
St. Paul, MN 55164


December 15, 2020

by Dean Williams

This company knows how to treat their drivers

I like it here, plan on staying, finally found a company that knows how to treat a driver. Should have hired me a long time ago, a company that actually wants us to drive safe.

December 15, 2020

by Karen Brown

Best trucking company for my family

My husband drives for them, they have been the best trucking company for my family by far, they care about their drivers the most of many hubby has driven for.

December 15, 2020

by Billy Smith

Awesome company!

I've been with Dart for a while. To be honest, I've worked for 2 other companies in my 17 years of doing this. Dart is my third and final. I have had, and still have, great experiences with Dart. My fleet manager is the one and only Grady Clark out of Dallas. Let me tell you, this man right here is awesome. If I tell him I'm going home, he gets me there, if I tell him I need a load he gets me 3, if I tell him I'm having family issues, he calls and asks if he can help. I'm telling you, these people at Dart treat you right, like family. Then you have Mohammed, this dude right here, man I don't even know what to say! For me, Mohammed is amazing, he takes care of us, he has our backs when things aren't right, he battles for us if he needs to, he doesn't let us get screwed! Look, I could sit here and write a message about everyone at Dart, most would be amazing, and of course a few not so much, but you have bad in all companies. I promise you there is way more good in Dart than there is bad. Thank you Dart, you have held up to your promise, to me. Family is first, and you've shown me that over and over again! Thank you!

December 15, 2020

by Jim Jones

Driver Review

Awesome starter company with great training and great pay for driving over the road. I would highly recommend this company for future drivers who want to experience driving over the road.

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