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Cypress Truck Lines, Inc.

1414 Lindrose St.
Jacksonville, FL 32206


July 22, 2022

by William E peoples


Made me go through hoops only to deny me 2 days before i was supposed to go to school because i had a minor concussion when i was 13 (25 years ago) and GAD that i dont even need medication for anymore. My DOT physical came back saying i was fit even with those 2 things and no issues and i got my cdl permit. But after having that physical for 2 weeks just today they said i was denied because of those 2 things after preperations were already made on my part. Was basically told next time to lie on my DOT physical so i dont have this issue again. This place is shady and has put me off of even trying to get my cdl.

August 29, 2015

by Charles

Former Company Driver

I liked the company itself but I didn't like the tarping. The miles were up and down, could have used more. They got me home on a regular basis.