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Cedar Rapids, IA 52404


April 17, 2019

by Harold Willson


Coming to CRST was one of the best things I’ve done!! I did research on my starter companies and decided that CRST was best for me. I went to the school in Colorado and got my CDL, but 3 weeks just flew by. I liked the fact I had a trainer and then a co driver to get more comfortable in the operation of an 80,000 pound vehicle. I had an amazing trainer and my driver manager is great. Open dialogue is key in success in everything. Ask questions if you don’t know how to do something. And know that the first year will be a bit rough. But that is with EVERY job. Then it gets better and smooths out. While, I am paying back the cost of the schooling I’ve grossed over $13,000 in 2019 alone. Which is much more than my previous career as a retail manager at a big box store. My 10 month contract is almost up and I am looking forward to staying on with this company and seeing where it takes me and how far I can go!! Don’t be discouraged. Don’t listen to the negative hype of the ones that quit. What do they know? They couldn’t handle it. How can they speak on it? So go for it. Try it and be successful!!

April 17, 2019

by Ezekiel Flores

Lead Driver Trainer

It's a good balanced employer. Albeit is a very large company, it has a small business feel. The company and its culture are very supportive and professional.

April 17, 2019

by Cynthia Bryan

Sr Lead Driver

Good company to get your CDL with. They do provide CFL schooling and lodging and after 10 months your contract is fulfilled. I came w my CDL and am still here over a year later.

April 16, 2019

by Michael Buckley

Lead Driver

My journey with CRST has been great so far. I started my driving career by going to their school in Jacksonville Florida and taking advantage of everything that they had to offer. I started out as a driver with a co-driver and then ended up becoming a lead driver. My best advice for someone looking to start a career in this industry is look no further than right here with CRST.. Like any company there will always be some type of negative remarks floating around; disregard them and be open minded.. Remember you will get out what you put into it.. If you are success driven then you will be successful! There are a lot of opportunities with CRST after you finish your contract so keep that in mind as well as the grass isn’t always greener on the other side! All-in-all CRST is a great company to work for and if there was one thing I’d like CRST too change is for them to get involved with offering solo driving routes as an option to everything only being teams...

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