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January 1, 1970

Run from Core Trans

By David
When you hear the name CoreTrans run!!!! I worked for them for three months EVERY check they were stealing money back and how the internet check is formed they will not show you your exact earnings. Run!!!! I received a text, yes I said text to go take a random drug test while I was sleep in my 10hrs sleeperberth time. Needless to say I missed the random and they quickly put it on my DAC as a refusal. How can I refuse when I'm unconscious? First of all who texts drivers to go to get a random? It's against the law to test a driver in the Break and off duty time. Then I got an amazing job offer with JB Hunt a dedicated cabinet run guaranteed $69,000 to $79,000 yrly. When JB called for a reference CoreTrans said I refused a random and JB disqualified me!!!!! Can you say lawsuit????? Simply CoreTrans is a waste and a waste of time.
CoreTrans, LLC
(606) 679-0000
PO Box 3210
West Somerset, KY 42564